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  2. Bibliography and place-names. Recently some difficulty has come up regarding the use of place-names in bibliographical listings. At Translations of Through the Looking-Glass, some editors, citing the Naming Conventions on geographic names, have changed a bibliographic citation from [[Westport, County Mayo|Cathair na Mart]] to [[Westport, County Mayo]].
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  4. 8 RHYTHMS OF THE BRAIN The quote is attributed to Heracleitus of Ephesus ( to circa b.c.). The average duration of syllables, the fundamental segmentation of speech in all languages, is approximately milliseconds. Syllables cannot be stretched or sped up at will in spoken language beyond certain limits.
  5. At the end of this scenario the PCs meet Sylvia Inverse. Sylvia was the superhero Lightning during the early ‘80s. She was crippled in a fight with the Reaper in ’ Sylvia then became an industrialist and is now a billionaire. She has been searching for a group of young heroes who she can sponsor as a team.

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